Another Curtain Up-Do

Company was coming.
Food needed to be made.
Lots of it.
The house needed to be put in some resemblence of order.
But wait. I want a new bathroom curtain. I want it now.
No time to shop.
An old curtain panel in the cupboard...scraps of happy fabric calling me...

30 minutes later, I had the panel hemmed to the right length and nicely accented with fabrics that don't really match, and I was back to preparing the house for what turned out to be a great weekend whirlwind of family memories. You can see my other curtain up-do here.

1 comment:

  1. isn't it funny how we, as sewers, can come up with sewing projects to do when we have many other pressing things to do and we can find anything to do but sew when we have a sewing project that is hard and we are procrastinating.

    but all that aside...this curtain looks great. sometimes when the fabrics don't match it looks even better.


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