Down the Rabbit Hole Quilt - Back

Here is the back so far. A row of scraps border a solid Kona cotton. See the beginnings of flowers and leaves? I plan on embroidering around things, and adding stems and whatever else I fancy as I go along. Whew. Now that I have a project prepared for some hand work, I am ready for our trip to the Reno Air Show next weekend where I plan on enjoying my dear quilting friend, drinking spiked hot coco, and watching our kiddos delight in one another's company. Oh. And watch a few airplanes.

Here is a picture of the last time we got together.
It was over a year ago at My Girl and her Love's wedding.


  1. I love the Rabbit Hole quilt. What size is it? Is it a square throw/picnic?

  2. Erin. It is a square. I was putting it together on my bed when I thought it might look nice as a wall hanging since we don't have a headboard. But it could be too big. We will see.


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