You are Sarah

You are Sarah.
You are beautiful.
You have a zest for life and joy like none other.
You are spunky!

I see you stolen away by your dad for a walk on the beach.
Just the two of you.
You talk.
You let the water lap at your toes.
You watch the birds fly and the children play in the water's edge.
Your hair is shining in the sun and you smile.
You don't smile to be nice, or please someone.
You never would.
You smile because your soul overflows.

I see you loved.
An uncle who teases you beyond measure
Always in love.
He gives you hugs innumerable
and maybe even spoils you abit.
Like you ought to be spoiled.
You share so many memories of good and simple times spent.
You are close.

I see your brother.
He watches you with a caring eye.
He shows you love and respect.
You are his sister.
He likes being with you.
Sometimes you crack him up.
He teases you.
Like brothers do.
His world needs you.

I see your Grandparents.
You are the delight of their heart.
They share their life with you.
You share your life with them.
Your connectedness is a gift.
A gift to them.
A gift to all around.
You are loved.
You love.

I see a new friend.
A cousin.
He walks with you on the esplanade.
You talk to a new friend together.
He thinks you are the greatest.
You have lots of fun together.
That time comes to an end for now.
He tells me stories of your days gone by.
He can't wait to be with you again.
He talks of you often.
You are his friend.

I see your mom.
I see her hands touch you.
They guide.
They teach.
They are always gentle.
They are hands of Love.
She stands back and watches.
She waits and listens.
She is a vessel willingly poured out to many.
Patient. Respectful. Wise.
Always leaning on her God.
Always loving you.

I see your dad.
It is your birthday.
He pulls you aside.
A stolen moment.
Just the two of you in a crowded room.
He wraps his arms around you, pulling you close.
He tells you how much he loves you.
He tells you how scared they were on your day of birth.
Scared you would not be with them long.
He tells you he is so thankful you are here with him now.
That you are a fighter.
Your dad tells you he loves you again.
You tell him you love him, too.
You giggle and move on to give away a hug to another who loves you.
For there are many.
Now your dad sits back with a deep and somber contentedness.
He watches.
He smiles.

Now I listen to you pray.
You wait for us to all hold hands.
You talk to a God who is there.
You give thanks.
We all give thanks for you.
For you are awesome.

It's your 18th birthday.

You are loved.
You are happy.
We are happy.
For you are Sarah.
And you are in our lives.

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