Simeon's Quilt - Loved

This boy and his momma made a quilt:

He made all the different shaped doggy squares.
You can see this boy was a tiny bit younger when this project he began:

I put them together:


I always take another quilt of the desired size and lay it on my bed. Then I arrange the squares on top. It's my small-house version of a design board. Simeon had a big say in the design process here. After arranging them, I cut and pieced in the brown negative space, or sashing. A lot of up and down from my machine to the ironing board, then to my bedroom, and back....

You can read more about our process here.


The back of the quilt is simple.
  A dog house on two of the corners,
One for Beau and one for Maddie, 
was sweetly insisted upon by this boy 
who misses his doggies so:

 for once upon a time, 
buddies they were:



  1. this is beautiful. your boys are so crafty and gifted

  2. This is beautiful. I still do not understand how you fill in the negative space. Is it difficult?

  3. Aimee - Someday I will put together a tutorial on the subject for I have not seen any out there, but presently I am not working on that type of quilt. Since you live in the area, if you would like to stop by someday, I think if you see the quilts up close, you will understand how it is done. It is not difficult. Just a little bit puzzly.


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