Wednesday's Bread

Today was a learning day! To begin with, I discovered that my adventure in Tartine Bread making will take some goodly amount of patience. Not only does it take at least a week to make the starter each bread begins with, but there is alot alot alot of reading and persnickity details to familiarize ones self with. I'm up for the happy challenge, though. This book has a plenteous amount of  gorgeous pictures, showing each baby step of the way, making my personal challenge seem sufficiently do-able. Can I say that I even like how the pages of the book feel to the touch? It is definitely not ordinary slick and shiny paper. It has texture. I appreciate such detaily things.

Today I familiarized myself with my new, long awaited for, scale, by remaking a recipe from Amy's Bread. Measuring in grams using the scale was significantly different than the given cup measurements, making for a better dough, for sure. It made a grand difference. 

I also tried kneeding in the bowl like shown in Tartine Bread. Fabulous. It was sooo much easier. I didn't kneed any extra flour into the dough at all, and no mess on the floor or  me.

My starter is beginning to come alive. I will be feeding it. Smelling it. Taking notes. Until it's ready for a Wednesday's Bread of it's own.

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