Simeon's Quilt

Remember this boy and his quilt?

Recently finishing all the not-so-very-square squares
quite by his happy little self, 
and arranging them like so,
the precious pieces were entrusted to his mama.

Being the imperfectionist that I continue to be,
I left his free form square-ish squares quite alone
only pressing them a very tiny little bit:

 The brown in betweeny stuff,
the negative space,
is pieced,
which was no easy task, this mama might add.

Modern quilts,
or those made without the use of perfectly detailed patterns,
with measurements and rules,
can be a tad trickedy,
but is still most definitely preferred by this silly girl.

A little quilty sandwich making,
and a lot of squiggly free motion quilting:

all while this boy excitedly waits
and waits

and waits some more....


  1. the free motion part looks like it takes a long time...

  2. It does take a while, but it especially looonnnggg when one is sooo very excited to finally snuggle up in 'their' quilt!

  3. what a great design...i can not wait to see it all done. i love your quilting


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