An Adventure Was Had

I love my boys. 
I love my days with my boys.

Not too long ago
this boy and I went on an adventure.

Adventures are great.
Adventures are wonderful.
Adventures are memories that last forever.
This adventury day was especially delightful
because it was an adventure had together.
Just the two of us
heading to the big city
with all it's charms
and the best charm of all
his sister and new brother
so greatly missed.

After leaving behind
our car filled with sleeping-over goods
not too far from this boy's sister's homey home,
I pulled out a well-worn piece of paper from my bouquet bag.
Reading these detailed directions
written especially for moi,
by my dear one,
who knows me oh so well.
She knows I am
her silly momma who really
practically hardly ever knows
how to get from this place to that.

This boy and his silly mama 
read each street name. 
We stood at this corner...looked to the right...turned left...
passed streets...then right...
to wait for the bus here:

After reading more signs and landmarks from my listy list,
getting off at the right stop....
walking up stairs...turning left....past a little pastry shop...
we arrived at the steps of the illustrious De Pietro Todd:

Being her model on this adventure filled day
getting a fresh hair cut was a long awaited pleasure.

A few shared moments with my daughter.
Just being there.
Seeing her face.
Feeling her touch.
Hearing her voice again.
A peek into her artsy talented world
of accomplished instructors 
and kindly fellow stylists.
Sneaking in a little mother-daughterly-ness while chair ensconced.
But, not too much.

Shared moments for brother and sister
while brother spins in his fancy chair
along side this momma and her Dear One catching up.

Alas. Our time, to an end, finally comes.

This boy and his momma's adventure
goes on through Chinatown:

with its many odd sites:

attacking birds:

and beauties:

later finding out this is where many hair stylists get their supplies
of pink feathers and such 
for the artful up-do:

We ate some rather ordinary snacks:

Then met up with my Dear One's Love
at Union Square:

Journeying back
we picked up my Dear One
when her long day was done:

Then being the kind of momma that I am
and always will be,
upon arrival to their homey home
put away my camera,
and with my adventured boy's help,
cooked up a tasty dish of lasagna goodness
so my Dear One and her Love
can come home to good food
the remaining days of their week,
for being so far away
I can no longer bring
and pies
and other such lovelies
whenever this heart desires.
So this will have to do.

For a while.

Till adventures to the city continue
with the next boy
who already can hardly wait
for his sister and newly brother to see.

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