This messy mess I could bear no longer
though I quite think
this photo makes it seem so lovely.

 In truth it was not so lovely.
Being the first thing to be seen 
upon entry to our homey home
today it greeted fair guests no more.

Gathering another canvas from Our Dear One and Her Love's wedding,
(only three more lovelies awaiting their fate remain)
some cotton batting,
an ample piece of vintagy wool blanket

 one rather handy staple gun,

and a few minutes stolen 
from time that really should be spent
reading and preparing 
for a logic and literature class
that a handful of homeschoolers
await for me to teach
on the day next,

And voila!

Surely Now I can think
heady thoughts
of symbolism and plots,
for one little eensy piece
of my homey home

has a little touch of order
mingled with beauty,
happy reminders of days past,
and friends so dear.

Now off to the smarty books I go...


  1. this board is gorgeous!

  2. Oh the grace and speed you seem to have in whipping up something that would take me so long to even conceive! You amaze me!!

  3. oh it looks so good.


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