A Pillow, a Laundry Bag and a Girl

I love making things.

I especially love making things for my children.
  I often ask them which projecty goodness they want me to embark upon for them next. 
Sometimes I think they must certainly suppose I don't know them well enough at all. 
For you would think I could most definitely figure it out for myself. 
But, I cannot. 
It is not that I don't know them well.
I do. 
But I think it is more that I want them to be part of the creative process,
to have a say,
so it suits their individual unique one-of-a-kind style.

we spied upon a vintagy pillow. 
Telling her I could make something of a similar sort someday, 
I took out my little notebook and roughly doodled away. 
I even queried her to choose some Hannah-like fabrics right then and there. 
I wanted it to be as she liked. 

I do hope I haven't given the impression of a finicky girl, 
for finicky she is not. 
After all, 
I don't know of many girls who are excited for the simple gift 
of a mom-made pillow.

Now, with a bag of vintagy fabric happily tucked under my arm, 
I told her she must please forget about the beauteous stash,
and off to coffee we went. 
But forget, she did not.
Instead she was quite looking forward to it, 
for Christmas was not in the too distant future. 
I guess the gift giving event was a little too distant for me, 
for a sneakity peek
when it was all in pieces still,
I couldn't resist allowing.

our visit needed to be short but dear,
for laundry, 
this busy girl with hardly a spare moment,
had to launder.

As we were hugging and kissing our goodbyes,
and there were lots of them just now
for brothers and dad were dishing out goodbyes, too,
our lovely Dear One had a mom-can-make-it idea.

Laundry bags.
Laundry bags for two.
BIG ones. 
With straps for carrying.
I was to design laundry bags for their uphill ambling together
to the place where such mundane things need to be done.
She even handed me the destined vintage sheets as I was walking out the door.
Oh, yes, my sweet daughter knows of my affinity

Behold my Dear One and Her Love,
ready to depart from our homey Christmas gathering,
happy with all their vintagy home made gifts:

But worry not,
for a bottle of good scotch to Her Love was in addition given!


  1. Love it love it love it. :)

  2. melissa Squatrito27.1.11

    I LOVE the picture. You can tell Hannah is super grateful!


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