Sunday's Graces


My happily quiet life
with my wonderful boys
and my comfortably messy creative projects strewn around by all
in a cottagy home by the fog blessed beach
with occasional appearances of beloved friends and their kiddos,
has lately been rather un-quiet.
Although this un-quiet is a very happy un-quiet,
actually quite delightful,
this unusual busyness explains why you all have not seen much of miss paisley and lace
and her adventures in homemaking and schooling and life.

So, alas, I am here to fill you in
on one treasured adventure in San Francisco.

I stole away for a day with my Dear One
We had a talk-filled afternoon
catching up on our times apart
while we bussed and walked
and walked and bussed some more
to this amazing quaint little lunch spot called The Outerlands

Sandwiches made of inch thick slices of homemade bread with crunchy crust
and generous amounts of unique and tasty fillings
like fresh turkey lunchmeat with pickled radishes
or melted cheese and tomatoe with basil and more.
You really could share
but we didn't.
Instead we traded delectable halves so we each partook of 2 kinds of sandwich
which is one reason why this mother and daughter love to do lunch

Next we moseyed a few doors down to Trouble Coffee

Hmm. Real coffee shops don't serve decaf.
So, to avoid my dizzy-can't-walk-straight reaction to the good stuff,
I had hot coco.

I want a big heavy boot thing to hold my door open.

Then to the inspiring Peapod Fabrics for Dear One to pick out project-goodness for me to make her.
More to come on that one.

We finished out the afternoon hunting for unsuspecting models in the park
for her apprentice position at DiPietro Todd
(if you are ever in San Francisco,
and being a model and getting an amazing haircut in an amazing salon for an amazing price sounds like fun,
contact me and I will get you two in touch)

We listened to the Blue Angels scream surprisingly close over head.

After fixing dinner back at her vintagy home with Her Love,
we did what any good San Franciscan would do.
We happened upon a local bar to watch the last part of the Giant's game.

Then, to finish off the charming time,
we did what any good mother and daughter would do.
We ate a chocolaty, salty almond bar together.

Ok. So I don't like Dear One and Her Love being so far away
for I am a mother who likes all her ducklings close by,
but it is really quite lovely to be known so well by her
that she finds and  leads me to little treasures around her city she knows I will just love.


A continual numbering of things I am thankful for
to remind me of God's graces in my life

seventy-nine. a daughter and son-in-law who welcome me into their hearts and share their world with me. I love you both.

eighty. droid. yes. i am thankful for my newest friend, the droid phone. why? you might ask. well. i shall tell you. i think. i am rather embarassed to tell you. but i will. i don't do city driving. to me, a country girl who grew up in a town with only a stop sign or two, even santa cruz freeways are fast and crazy things that i don't really like. and i have lived my life quite well without ever venturing into real cities in anything but the passenger seat. well. i started getting pushed a little out of my comfort zone when wedding shopping left me no alternative but to travel away into yonder worlds to find necessary wedding lovelies. but i had my direction-teller sitting next to me all the while. so. we never got lost. yep. that's it. that's my big fear. that I will get lost. for i have been known to get lost in the smallest of towns. especially when they don't have the ocean on one whole side of it so if i lose my way, i can just head to the ocean and go right or left till i spy something familiar. well...when my dear one and her love told me the big i'm-moving-to-san-francisco news, i knew i was going to have to get over my i-can't-drive-it-if-it's-more-than-two-turns-from-the-freeway problem. so. a few months after their move, and a few trips in the passenger seat later, i took the plunge. i drove to the big city ALL BY MYSELF. well. sort of. my newest friend, droid and her navigation app, talked me all the way there and back.

eighty-one. my number one who made me get the droid so i could go visit our daughter.

eighty-two. my son who did a practice run with me and my droid to ikea. we bought an orange rug for under the kitchen table. orange is my new brown.


  1. this sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

  2. i love outerlands. my favorite for sunday brunch. love you ladies!

  3. i really hope that my kids are good friends with me like you and your loved one are. it's beautiful!


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