Sunday's Graces - Caleb

A continual numbering of things I am thankful for
to remind me of God's graces in my life

seventy-nine: a lazy fall afternoon together in the city to celebrate 14 years with this amazing boy. 
he makes us laugh. 
he is tender.

eighty: this father and daughter. together.

eighty-one. all the family playing. laughing. competing.

eighty-two. games that boys play.
and that I don't have to play them,
for somehow, I think the goal was to inflict pain.

eighty-three. simple conversations with my dear one.
i enjoy hearing of her and her love's world.

eighty-four. i am blessed. i am thankful for my family and the simple things we do together. Sometimes we play. Sometimes we go for walks or do chores together. Sometimes we have conversations about  movies, theology, economics, or politics. At other times, we converse about whether raindrops are aerodynamic or about computer stuff that I really don't even understand. nor would i ever want to understand. sometimes we just saying nothing at all. i truly am thankful for living a simple life and that i am able to notice and enjoy all these simple things.

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