A Vintage Sheet Christmas

How many things can one do with old sheets?

We all are feeling that times are tight.
But I don't think that is why I've turned into a penny pinching,
side-of-the-road free-box scavenger 
and thrift store frequenter.
It's just what I do now.
I enjoy it.
I find I don't quite look at things the same.
When I go to the mall, or look through catalogs, I'm really not enticed anymore.
I simply like the old stuff,
the throwaway stuff,
and quite enjoy updating it.
I hope things won't always be so sparsity sparse, 
but I think I will always be found with piles of old ladies' throwaways laying around
with pieces cut away to create new lovelies
in an attempt to make my tired house a homey home,
and to share handmade goodness with dear ones.
The first vintage sheet project I will show you is one with a story.
Here is my Christmas dinner table.

Notice the tablecloth and napkins are made from old sheets.
Nothing matches. They are all different.
They were made the night before with what I had left after all my other gifty projects.
I was quite happy with them.
It brought together all the other decorations I had made for our Christmasy home.
A few minutes into dinner
one delightful son notices that they are sheets.
In great horror he proclaims his discovery
and proceeds to enlighten the younger folks...
what sometimes happens on sheets.
The thought of someone sleeping on their napkins was just too much.
Shrieks and laughter prevailed.

Thankfully, it was family,

so I wasn't completely mortified or embarrassed,
but let's just say some did not use their napkins,
but left them neatly folded where they were placed.

 I am hoping my obsession with vintage sheets has not damaged them for life. 
But I have a feeling this will be another one of those stories they tell about me throughout the years, 
although I'm sure it will be exaggerated.
If that is possible.


  1. There is nothing as soft as a vintage sheet...everything looks lovely. And the stories that are recalled over the years are such fun!
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Ha! I used that same yellow striped and flowered sheet to make Siena a dress. I thought of you when I got that sheet!!

  3. Oh, love your napkins and table cloth! I love using vintage sheets for tableware as well but I can see why some find it weird :)
    I'm going thrift store shopping today and will hopefully find some nice vintage sheets as well :)


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