Sunday's Graces

 Eleven graces I am profoundly thankful for in my simple life:
one. feet:

two. more feet;

three. a daughter's smile:

four. an after dinner walk by the beach

five. a  hug:

six. the older encouraging the younger:

seven. levi's & shirtless bellies:

eight. playing together;

nine and ten. good drinks and family to celebrate with;

eleven. a great husband who is an amazing dad;

Due to some encouragement from my friend, and the inspiration from this blog, I am going to try to add some thankfulness to my life. I think I take everything sooo seriously, and forget to slow down and notice the little things. God's graces in my simple life. Like the sound of the ocean. A peaceful meal at home. Sweet hugs amongst siblings. I met someone once whose husband died after they had only been married a short time. I will never forget her sharing that what she missed most about him was all the little things. Even the things that annoyed her. She reminds me to slow down in the midst of our busyness and celebrate the small graces. So. If you see numbers in words with a random thought following, it's just me being thankful and trying to see how many I can squeeze in before summer comes to a close. Maybe I will be a changed person at the end of summer. Maybe I will begin to see things differently. I doubt my life will be any less full of mom stuff this summer, but I do hope it will be more full of grace at summer's end. twelve. quiet moments with kiddos sleeping dreamily. thirteen. a husband who is always here. fourteen. friends and family who share their lives with my children - there is nothing more dear to a mother than when someone simply loves their children. thankyou Skeltons, Skeltons and Kautz's!

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