Advent Calendar

I know. I should be cleaning and baking. 

But I stumbled upon Handmade by Jill's blog a few days ago. She has a sew along/tutorial going to make Advent calendars. Although I'm so very far behind her schedule, I decided to try whipping one up by the first day of Advent. I've been wanting one for quite a while, now, and Jill's idea of tucking little felties into tiny pockets until hanging them day-by-day on buttons on the tree, was the inspiration I needed. Instead of felt, I'm using a piece of an old  army blanket left over from my Woolen Hanging project I made earlier this year. I'll be embellishing with a lot of embroidery, buttons and tiny pockets. 

I'm not quite sure what the finished product will be, yet. Ideas usually come as I go along. Which makes me wonder if artists have the whole painting dreamed up in their head when they begin, or if they start with a general idea then just continue creating. I always said I wasn't an artist because I couldn't picture things in my head. But I keep managing to create things, so maybe I should quit saying an artist I am not.

Well, sometimes I let you all into my silly head, hoping to encourage you, because I think a lot of us struggle with the same funky thinking. 

Now that the machine sewing is completed, all pieces and essentials are packed not-so-neatly into my sewing bag...just in case I happen to have sitting around time in the next few days. Sitting around that  of course doesn't involve games, puzzles or movies that must be watched, not just listened to. Like Elf. You can't just listen to Elf.

But since I didn't do any baking today, 
I'm pretty sure to be quite busy in the kitchen for a while.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
Have a delightful, meaningful time with your loved ones.


  1. This is SO cute, Tina!

  2. Cute! I too think you should snop saying that you are not artistic or an artist. You create amazing things:)

  3. I second both of the previous comments! You are amazingly creative!!!

  4. Thanks, friends. As women, we are all creative in different ways. We just might not consider ourselves artful. But we are.


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