Side Tracked

I've been side tracked.

After a lovely Thanksgiving,
I was happily sewing Christmasy projects
in my cozy little home
surrounded by my perfectly happy little family
feeling rather on top of all things creative and holiday.

Then I got word about a friend.
A friend who is suddenly having crazy health problems. 
He is an amazing, artistic, godly young man
with dreams, vision and passion.
He has been side tracked.

He weighs heavy on my heart.
My projects seem frivolous
when someone is struggling so.

I remember being sick so many times
for long spells
and losing babies. 

It always seemed weird to me that the world kept going when my world stopped. 
Everyone kept working, 
doing laundry, 
going to church, 

I was never mad at that. 
I just thought it was weird how somebody could be so knocked off their feet
and the world not stop just a little. 

Well, all that to say, my world stopped a little. 
I prayed.
A lot.
And I made a quilt. 
For Levi.


  1. this is an amazing gift...

  2. Praying for Levi!
    How great that you stopped & made him a quilt. He will know for sure that you were thinking of him, and that you world stopped a little for him.

  3. Thanks for letting your heart be moved and embracing compassion to pray and love. It's so easy to brush things off and keep going with life rather than really enter into another person's pain. Thanks for doing that this week.

  4. praying for levi~too~
    my health is up and down at this point too. I understand being knocked off your feet. your world stops.
    i find out friday if it's cancer. ugh.

  5. Beautiful and thoughtful gift for Levi...I can see him snuggled up in it and knowing how loved he is.
    Advent blessings to you and yours.

  6. That is the best gift. And to think you probably prayed for him with every stitch. Awesome.


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