A Journal Was Made

A journal was made
for a dear friend so sweet,
who from her place far away
sends me lovely notes on scraps of paper.

Paper torn and layered,
then covered
with doodles.
Whimsical doodles,
of flowers,
butterflies and such.

A multitude of designs
happy and bright 
intertwined with heart felt notations
of memories of time together spent
and hopes of new shared moments yet to come.

A journal was made
with my own Quilty squiggles

 and buttons
and stitches
french knots
a scrap
and more stitchy doodles

for my friend far away
to fill with her doodley art....

until we again shall meet.


To make a journal for a dear friend of your own, sew a tube that fits over the ends, that is nearly twice as long as your book laid open (no rulers and math necessary), and with edges  neatly finished. I only did my quilty stuff on the  front  part of the tube using free motion quilting. This is a picture of the back of the tube. You can see how very long it is and the one seam down the middle. The fun part is embellishing it with doodles and odds and ends.


  1. did you sew through the cover of the book, or just slip it on like we covered our books in high school?

  2. I did not stitch through. It simply slips on like the old paper bag covers made in our school days.


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