Sunday's Graces

As parents we lead the way for our children.
We lead in all we do.

We lead by mentoring.
Infact, we can not really not mentor.
We are always showing them things.
And it's either a good picture,
or a not so good picture.
We are leading.
They are following.
We show the way in all we do.

We show them the beauty of getting up early 
to experience the crisp morning fog together.

Father teaching son
 the tradition of fishing.

They see patience.
The patience of a dad with an impatient child
who was last to make a catch.
Someday it will be his turn to understand a frustrated young fisherman
and express kindness,
for he has been there.
He has seen what dads do.
Dads are not shaken or angry at tears.
They are kind.
They understand.

Mentoring is first showing:

Then doing it with them:

Then watching over their shoulder,
just guiding,
and encouraging:

For someday, they will do it on their own.
Today it is only fishing,
but it is really everything we do.

They put their own style and personality into it,
but they are imprinted in one way or another,
for they are our sons and daughters.
We are their parents.
May we lead well.


A continual numbering of things I am thankful for
to remind me of God's graces in my life 

fifty-six. grey skies.
fifty-seven. sandy shoes.
fifty-eight. brothers who will someday tell magnificent stories of ordinary days together.
fifty-nine. a husband who does his darndest to keep all the smelly fish-gut stuff away from his wimpy wife.
sixty. that i will soon get to see Our Girl and her Love.
sixty-one. friends olde and new who make me laugh.

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  1. Is it just me, or is your photography getting more and more amazing?


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