Pillow Case Class

Here is a sneak peak at the pillow case I will be teaching how to make Wednesday evening. I'm starting to teach basic sewing classes in my home. If you are interested in joining in on the fun, let me know.

I will put up a better picture when I can get outside in the sun. Yeah. I'm sewing at midnight again. It was way too sunny of a day to stay inside, especially since we've been in the fog most of the summer. Why is it that school starts around here when the weather is at its best? Well, I've decided that the next few weeks of school will consist of surfing, swimming, hiking, field trips to the De YoungTech Museum, Reno Air Show, Black Rock Desert and rockets, and reading aloud. Homeschooling rocks!


  1. I'm approaching school the same way this week! : ) Yay for summmer FINALLY getting here, and us not having to be inside for it!

  2. you just make the best stuff. love it.

  3. I think homeschool rocks because homeschool moms rock. YOU rock!

  4. What time are your classes? I might be able to make a couple of them.


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