My Studio

Well, really it's just my sewing corner. It holds all my stuff when I'm not sewing. Like when we want to eat at the kitchen table which is frequently strewn with project goodness. Or when the fog rolls in and we can't eat in the back yard. I have a pretty patient family to let me get away with such messiness! And sometimes, of course, they come join in on the fun. But enjoy the pictures of the nice-little-put-away-studio for the few moments it is contained.

Here is a close-up of the machine cover I recently made.

My stash:

And thread:

Notice the 2 old sewing machines under the desk for helping others learn to sew. The desk was from a yard sale and has the dream of being painted yellow someday. The cool hand stitched picture was rescued from a junk yard for $5. Like the Velvetine Bunny, it was tossed away, and has again come to be loved and appreciated.


  1. Fantastic photos, Tina! I love your "studio"

  2. I am ashamed to admit it--I am totally green with envy. The main reason I don't try sewing is because the machine my mom gave me lives in a box under the house. I literally have no place for it in the house. seriously. not joking, not just making excuses. your little corner is EXACTLY what i would want here in my house for my sewing machine! someday when i finally have a spare corner I will come back to this photo and make it happen. : )


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