Vintage Floral Quilt

A quilt.

I shall not say I designed it myself.

For it was inspired
 by the generations of women
who have made such things.
Quilts alike in many ways
or only slightly similar.

Quilts made by women
 with their own stories,
sorrows and joys,
families large and small.

Young ladies who followed their grandmother's pattern
while sitting at her side
then passing the skill down to their own posterity.

Women who sat alone and
sewed to candle-light
after the day's work was complete.

Olde and young who gathered together
in cozy rooms filled with encouraging words.

Women in poverty,
and women with much.
The women of olde
and the women today,
bringing beauty
into their homes.

And the Michelangelo's of quilting.
Yes. The menfolk.
some of the best these days.

And the bloggers
around the world
who innovate a Modern take on quilting.

being inspired by many,
an original quilter I may not be,
but a quilt I have made...

This is my variation of what I believe is called "The Coin Quilt", with a modern twist, of course. My favorite part  is the back and the scraps used for binding. Most of the fabrics are a soft vintage cotton. Only a few squares are newly purchased fabric with vintage design. It is available for sale in my Etsy Shop if you would like to purchase it. If you would like to make one for yourself, check back, for soon I will post a tutorial that shows my process all the way from the piece of scratch paper containing my idea to the finished product.

thirty-four. past and present kindred folk whose unique life stories weave beauty into our world.
into my world.

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