Cupcake Wars

My youngest has a pretty serious interest in cooking.
He loves to watch Chopped and other cooking competitions.
After doing so, he absolutely must get in the kitchen and create.
He must.
I tell him the rule is he has to eat it!
Sometimes it's yummy.
Sometimes it's not and we make faces.
Mostly it's messy
but it makes him happy.
It makes me happy to see him doing 'his thing'.
I wonder how it will take shape in him as he grows into an adult.
In leu of an appearance on Chopped
and in honor of his birthday,
we held a Cupcake War,
a timed competition with surprise categories.
Our grand event was great fun,
although I didn't have the heart to 'chop' anybody
and our facebook friends did the voting.
How could I choose?

I'm pretty sure another Cupcake War with alot more competitors is in our future.

thirty-three.  a beautiful day in the backyard with some pretty great kids!

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