A perfect day

I am tired.
It's late.
The house is quiet.
I'm just now resting. 
I have a nice hot cup of coco cupped in my hands.
Not plain, but with a smallish scoop of ice cream
and Peppermint Schnapps.
I was out of the preferred Baileys.

I think about my day and I am satisfied.
Up early for a city venture to help my Girl.
I clean. She unpacks. We talk.
We walk about the city
and see it's beauty.

Back at the lonely, nearly vacant abode,
I help. I love.
It is no longer home.

Upon returning to my own abode,
I clean. I comfort. I help. I drive.
I rearranged Oldest son's room.
It finally feels homey.
I fold laundry. Arrange some flowers on my table.
Cozy up on the couch.
Listen to the stories of the missed day.
Goodnight kisses & prayers.

Yes. I am tired. But it is a good tired.
Tired from loving.
Tired from serving.
Tired from being a mom.
I am happy.
It is simple, but it is just what I do and I love it.
It was a perfect day.

Here are some of today's pictures.
Pictures of the beautiful new world of my Girl and her Love.

I love this picture...except for the King Kong of all dust bunnies:

A beautiful stack of thrifted vintage fabrics - is that not a piece of art?
Just sitting there, not sewn into anything at all. 

Next time:

twenty-three. the simple fulfillment of being a mom.
twenty-four. a new city with its many and beautiful places to explore.
twenty-five. an apartment I can drive to in a city I said I would never drive to. I'm a country girl. But now I'm going to have to be a country girl that drives to the city.


  1. Melissa Squatrito3.7.10

    Thanks, Tina, you made me cry. Lovely writing.

  2. Very lovely, indeed.

  3. Tear inducing. Moms are the most wonderful. You will learn to love the city, especially since one of your loves is there :)

  4. I am really enjoying your poetic style lately. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It is a PERFECT day when we see our children grown and following the God we love. Thank you for sharing.

  6. LOVE your poem, especially about the house being quiet, it makes me want to write. Thanks for the inspiration.


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