A simple something made for a special someone who moved away today.

A soul soothing endeavor made with much love.
She takes a little piece of mom-ness with her.

For my eldest nestling
who is music to all who know her.
God bless you and your love as you take this next leg of the path He has set before you.

 twenty-one. a God who directs our paths.
twenty-two. nestlings who are writing God's story in their lives.


  1. Oh Tina! This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful daughter. Hannah truly is lovely and a light each time I see her around town. I can't quite believe she is moving from Santa Cruz, but am excited for this newlywed adventure they are taking. You have been a wonderful mother to her and I hope to have the same relationship with Emma as she grows.

  2. Tina, your gift with words blesses my heart. I wish I could sit with you and visit!
    Know that I am praying for you all as you adjust to Hannah in a new city.

    Much love you.

  3. Tina,
    I've just come upon your blog, from the Process Pledge/rOssie(fresh modern quilts) site.
    I love both your thoughts and your wonderfully-family pictures. I want to make doughnuts, ink-stampers... I want to be ever mindful of the Grace in my life.
    I love beautiful things, your blog is something I will save, return to and share with dear friends. Thank you for sharing your Light.

  4. Thanks, friends, both old and new, for your words most encouraging!

  5. This brought tears to my eyes. Miss you guys.


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