Another Smitten Kitchen Day

We just had to have another Smitten Kitchen Day!

My husband is on a trip with our oldest son - a very long trip to the East Coast. The fog has rolled in to stay for a while - yes, it's actually cold here. One of my younger boys is not feeling well, and Smitten Kitchen keeps showing the most beautiful, yummy looking food! So it was time for another Smitten Kitchen Day. We needed a lazy day in the kitchen together.

I modified Deb's recipe slightly so both boys could share in the fun. They each made their own galette choosing the vegis they preferred. I don't know about your kiddos, buy mine eat more healthy stuff when they get to participate in the chopping and cooking. A little trick I know. Shh. Other than making individual galettes with an assortment of sauted vegetables rather than just zuchinni, I stuck to Smitten Kitchen's recipe. I wouldn't change a thing. Infact, you must go over there and read her post, for she is a lovely writer, also. Here is her recipe.

And by the way. This was one of the most amazing dishes I have made. Ever. Just like Deb said, it was croissant flaky.

I am now dreaming up other fillings. Like chocolate. Or ham and cheese.

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  1. Yay, another way to use up my zucchini! These look amazing.


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