A Corner Was Brightened

This clunky door 
stood all broken down and sad
quite uncomely and dejected
against a weary fence
as I drove by one day 
a long while back.

Pass it by
I could not
for hidden beauty was seen
by this silly girl.

that his girl,
 with side-of-the-road treasures in hand
arrives home
as happy as if she had been treated
to the greatest of shopping sprees.

Loading this rather weighty find so lovely
into the car by myself
was quite a feat,
But maneuver it into the car, 
this girl did.

Since that day long ago,
it has been waiting in the corner,
or rather glaring at me,
demanding some inspiration
other than the random draping of this thing or that.

A few days back
this girl decided to make something
and of course, make it now
when preparing dinner for delightful friends
was the more appropriate use of this girl's time.

Being in such a hurry,
the room,
no, the house, 
was quite strewn 
with scraps of all possible goodnesses.
of yarn, fabrics, laces and more...
A few hours and a big mess later,
a curtain-ish lovely brightens the corner.

But a meal for dear friends
must be made.
The table set.
Our hearts prepared.

So set aside this curtainly creation I did.
Being the imperfectionist that I am,
tape and thumbtacks hide behind said door
where none can see.
So, indeed, someday I will return,
new lovely.
This girl will in time add
a goodly amount of stitches and adornment
to our newly brightened corner.


  1. i love it...it is beautiful. i love finding treasures by the roadside. last year i found some beautiful old windows that are waiting for me to be inspired~!!!!

  2. tina,
    love your writing and all your lovelies!!


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