An Improv Single Girl Quilt

I love the simplicity and the old fashioned yet modern design. Most of the fabric is solid and the colorful circles are made with scraps, making it a budget friendly project. Being the patternless sewist that I am, I thought this might be a great pattern to embark upon actually following. With further research, and to my great disappointment, I discovered it's loveliness to not be as simple as this married girl had hoped. Each of the circles takes 32 separately cut shapes using templates. Doing the multiplication, I realistically decided such a pattern is not for moi. A smallish baby quilt alone would take nearly 200 smallish intricately cut pieces. Oh dear. A bit much for a highly non-perfectionist girl who likes to see a happily finished product sitting around the house in less than a decade.

So. What about an improvisational version? This girl, needing pillows around the house, and lots of them, alighted upon a small experiment, hoping for a simple way to create an Improv Single Girl circle. I think I did it. My own way. This one circle measuring about 22" x 22" was joyfully held up for my married man's approval in less than an hour and turned into a pillow shortly thereafter:

Although married man didn't jump up and down or burst out in melodious praises at the greatist of  accomplishments, this girl is now ready to begin the Improv Single Girl Quilt journey. Not being in the hunkering for a journey alone, and being somewhat enticed by the idea of an old fashioned quilting circle, I'm welcoming a few kindred dearies into my homey home for said circle of happy sewists.

For those of you kindred ones who can not make it to this homey home filled with quiltie friends, a tutorial is in the workey works. I promise. But as my homeschool week is upon me, time for reading good books and guiding my remaining two is quite at hand for this girl...

Today I'm linking up with Kojodesigns. They have some pretty amazing tutorials.


  1. Completely beautiful!! I love the way it turned out.

  2. Circles. I am amazed that anyone can quilt circles to be flat. It seems almost like a miracle. :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillows!!!!!!!

    honey, those are screaming etsy. you should make more and list them!

    miss seeing you in person. : )


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