Bouquet Day Bag and a Class

The pattern is my own
The Denise Schmidt Bouquet fabric was a gift from my dear friend,

The lining is from a vintage sheet.
It has 2 larger pockets, and a smaller one with a zipper,
and of course, random pieces of fabric here and there.

I developed this pattern for 2 reasons. One. I needed a new bag and didn't want to go buy one. (As I was throwing away my old pleather one, my boys snatched it up. It is presently torn up in pieces on the table before me to make various sheaths, and other things related to weaponry. Imaginations are flying around here, friends.)

The second reason I created this pattern is for the purpose of having a series of classes.  I plan on beginning in October. Several folks have expressed an interest in learning to sew. We will begin with a series of 5 classes to just get familiar with sewing. No complicated patterns to follow with tricky steps. I will give students my hand-made simple patterns to keep, and we will spend an enjoyable evening sewing in my home together. Tea, wine and chocolates will be served! How fun will that be?

All 5 projects I have planned could  make great  Christmas gifts, too. You can either give away what you make, or have the confidence when you leave class to make several more at home.

After the holidays, I will begin the second series of classes where we can begin to learn how to follow basic traditional patterns.

Wednesday, October 6 we will make pillow cases using the easiest trick-pattern ever. Straight lines, people!

Wednesday, October 13 we will make aprons.

Wednesday, October 20 we will make the Bouquet Bag.

Wednesday, October 27 we will make flags and potholders:
(I'm still working on the potholder pattern)

Wednesday, November 3 we will make a simple table cloth still in development.

Classes will be from 7:00-10:00pm at my home in the Pleasure Point area of Santa Cruz. You can do one or all 5 classes for $25.00 per class. Since I only have room for 4 folks per evening, sign-up soon. You will need to have your own machine. After reserving a spot in the class, I will send out the what-to-bring list. If you are unsure of how to even buy fabric, we can do a meet up at Hart's Fabric Store before class day :)

This is for all you beginners out there! You will gain confidence and love to sew. We will have fun together. I promise.

*Note. Sewing isn't just for girls. Guys are welcome to attend. Infact, some of my favorite sewing friends are male folk.


  1. i sure wish that i lived close so i could take the classes with you...they would be so fun. i love the bag you made. the fabric alone is making me swoon a little.

  2. This is a great idea. I think the treats are a great touch too. :)

  3. Annie19.9.10

    That fabric is much better as a bag than an ironing board. Sign me up for class! I'll let Lauren know too. Post this to your FB!

  4. Tina! I found your blog through Garrett, it's so sweet! Can I just tell you how much I would love to take your sewing classes, but alas, the timing is a little off, as I am now 9 mos prego (I can't believe it!). But perhaps if you do them again after the new year! I will be keeping an eye on your craftiness though!
    -Sara Wysuph :)


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