Down the Rabbit Hole Quilt

Here is my happy little Down the Rabbit Hole Quilt
taped down to my floor and pinned into a 'quilt sandwich':

 Embroidery and applique
accompanied by curves, circles, knots and scribbles,
now form three whimsical flowers with leaves on the quilt back. 
They were really quite fun to create
To refresh your memory, 
for even I have nearly forgotten,
here is the quilt front.

This week, I took my happy little quilt sandwich into Hart's Fabrics
showing it to my friend Tina who manages the store. 
Well, she loved my quilt. 
I think she squeeled in delight. 
I like friends that like my stuff!
She also encouraged me to continue the detail by hand-quilting rather than free-motion.
I agree.

 And now that I've gotten over the fact
that this quilt most likely won't be completed lickety split,
I'm ready for some cozy hand-quilting time!


  1. this quilt is gorgeous

  2. Tina, you continually blow me away! I loved our time together in September. Wish we could spend time together regularly.

    Miss you.

    Love the down the hole quilt.

  3. Wow. hand quilting? Really? That's a lot of time for sure!! It is certainly beautiful. I am looking forward to the season (though enjoying the one I'm in too) of having that much hands free time to actually do a long project!


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