Sunday's Graces

we wandered away from our sweet abode
leaving Our Girl and Her Love behind
and Siah home alone
to unknowingly venture off into a land of no rules or cell phones

in this land away from civilization
we shot air soft guns

we shot arrows without a worry of spearing neighbors

we found alot of men with explosives

 and rockets

lots of rockets


these rocketeers were business men,
kind men, tough men, family men

young and old men
men with colorful stories,
men who dispense good food in interesting ways

and shoot off crazy bomb like what-am-i-doing-here things
all through the night.

we watched these men build rockets
big rockets
not the kind kids do with their dads

we watched them shoot up into the sky
the sky over our heads
not the sky over there

we watched some float nicely down
in jelly-fish form
with parachutes happily attatched
we watched some come down not so gracefully
like this one

ten paces from our van...
our car with my son in it

while the rest of us were loading for our already premature
i'm-not-feeling-too-good-about-this-rocket-thing departure


So what am I thankful for on this Sunday evening
safe at home in my cozy house
with my dear one and her love within cell phone range
to tell stories of our day
with my son on the couch talking to his dad about his ventures
in starting a web development business of his own
and with my 2 youngest clean and snug in their beds
giggling and listening to a good story?

A continual numbering of things I am thankful for
to remind me of God's graces in my life

seventy-four. our safe return home and my man who got us there
seventy-five. a hilarious man and his delightful wife. new friends.
seventy-six. that my kiddos were absolutely clueless to the danger at hand - or should I say, overhead?
seventy-seven. my 2 lovely children who missed us. and told us so. what a blessing to have children who love us. my apologies for not being more considerate of you. and making you worry your socks off.
seventy-eight. kids who don't make us worry our socks off too much. you are awesome.

now back to my adventures in whimsical
and whatever-else-we-decide-to-create blogging


  1. wow, that was a close call. i can not imagine how fun my husband would have thought that was. he was a rocket builder in the past, but does not have the time anymore.

  2. So glad that you are all home safe and sound. Miss you!

  3. I am loving your Sunday Graces feature. I love hearing from your heart. :)


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