Sewing with Kids - Caleb's Quilt -Day 9 thru 12

Here is Caleb's quilt after a few sittings over the summer. You can tell it's summer by the bare back and the short hair (see below). Sheesh! I think he has even grown since these pictures were taken. To check out what we have done so far, click here.

We started this next step by drawing a line down the middle of the quilt with a chalk marker. You can use any kind of erasable pen specially made for quilting.

 We set up my machine at the kitchen table, fitted with a walking-foot attachment. The machine is pushed far to the right, giving room for the quilt to lay on the table as he sews. We also set a high stool next him, close to his side to help take some of the weight, so it didn't pull away from the machine. I sat with him for quite a few rows, coffee cup in hand, guiding the quilt, until he became comfortable enough to quilt on his own.

He quilted one half of the quilt starting at the chalk line, continuing to the edge before beginning the second half, and removing safety pins as he went. It took him about 2 sittings to complete each half. I wanted it to be a joy for him, rather than a chore.
When using the walking-foot to quilt lines, it is important to begin each row at the opposite end in order for it to not all get pushed in one direction. For example, row 1 begins at the top, row 2 begins at the bottom, and row 3 begins at the top again.

Also, knowing my 13 year old would probably not have the patience or skill to make straight lines (neither would I), I thought it might be nice to make them intentionally and dramatically crooked. I like how it turned out.

I will get the next step up soon, for the weather is encouraging more cozy days in the home, and I am finally figuring out the Mac my husband has set me up on.

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  1. he is amazing...this is beautiful. i am so impressed


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