Sunday's Graces

A continual numbering of things I am thankful for
to remind me of God's graces in my life


sixty-two. men in shining armor riding white horses - or wearing rugged uniforms riding tow trucks. this guy and two other magically-appearing men with tools and big trucks saved our family day to the city.

sixty-three. this young man who still enjoys being with the family.
he's like his dad in many ways.
smart. wise. funny.
entrepeneur minded. at 18, he's already getting a business started.
i think he's pretty cool.

sixty-four. sweet survivalist simmers who wishes more than anything he could be stranded in the wilderness just long enough to try some of the cool stuff he constantly reads about.
i am thankful he is presently tucked safely in bed only dreaming of being lost.

sixty-five. i am thankful for men and women who have given us art through the ages. talent runs deep in some. they put living people with such soul and depth on canvases. they see beauty we miss with the naked eye for we are too  busy to stop and notice. they see it. they feel it. they put it on canvas and we see what was missed. it is just an old tired woman sitting in a chair. but it is not just anything. we begin to see the beauty. you can check out the survivalist son's homeschool blog for a report on said picture. they don't let you take pictures at museums. darn. here are a few pictures in front of the De Young.

sixty-six thru sixty-nine.
feet for taking pictures of.
 hot days necessitating the cutting off of pant legs to make shorts.
a welcoming son-in-law who cherishes our dear one.

seventy. our lovely daughter.
she is beautiful
and i don't just mean the kind type of thoughtful, although that she is,
but i mean she thinks about the deeper things
she is my favorite thrifting partner.

seventy-one. this boy who makes me laugh.
look at the spark in his eyes.
he was probably thinking of something funny to say.

seventy-two. rooftop haircuts on windy days.

seventy-three. photographer friends who look at my blog and still love me. someday i promise i will take a break from sewing, cooking, homeschooling, biking, beaching, opening my home, and a multitude of other fun things to figure out my camera.


Oh. And stay tuned. Especially my blog followers in San Francisco or those who want to spend a day in the city. My daughter has an invitation she wants to extend to you at her shop DePietro Todd.  She will give us the details, soon!

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  1. Lovely post, so poetical. "Ben Zoma said:"Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion, as it is said,'When thou eatest the labor of thine hands, happy art thou, and it shall be well with thee.'"


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