Whimsical Bib

Here are a few bibs I made last week, one of which was for a friend's new babe.

I cut bib shapes out of 2 fun fabrics and 1 scrap piece of cotton batting, sewed them with the right sides of the fabrics together and the batting on top, trimmed the extra batting away from edges, then turned it happy sides out. Easy peasy, really. Then the fun stuff. Using fusible webbing, I ironed on a flower and some leaves from another scrap of fabric. Hint. Save all those scraps. They come in handy when adding artsy touches to regular olde projects. I was then able to hone my free-motion quilting skills abit. I just swirled around making it look vine-like, being careful to not stitch over the flower shape on the reverse side. And since the project was way smaller than a quilt, it only took a few minutes to doodle these whimsical stitches. Fun. I felt rather like an artist with a power-tool instead of a paint brush.

A little embroidery, a ribbon loop, an olde button, and viola, it's a happy little bib!

I feel as if after practicing on a variety of projects all spring and summer, I am beginning to develope my own approach or technique. I am finding I really love adding the extra stuff to my projects. The random, oddly stitched pieces are always my favorite like the binding on the boat quilt, the square on my apron, and the shapes on Hannah's woolen blanket. I also don't like making things just to sell without really loving the project, or making a bunch of the same thing. I like creating for those I know, to bless them. And I like keeping it just a little bit artistic. Off kilter. Not typical.

I'm selling a few extra that I made in my Etsy shop, though no two are alike - cuz that would be boring. Unless any cute babies cross my path. Then I might just have to give them away.


  1. I really like these. The fabric and free stitch is eye appealing. The extra appliqué is what tops it off. Lovely job.

  2. oooooh, I was just going to say you should totally put these in your etsy store when I saw--you did! i hope they get seen, and loved. : ) Hey, i'll go heart them now!

  3. I think these are awesome. And you're right, making things for people you love is way more fun and way more fulfilling. :)

  4. Thanks, ladies. You are all so encouraging.

  5. Tina, I love the bib- thank you so much for making it for Irina!


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