Sunday's Graces

28 years.

So. Recently My Dear One read my blog as he does from time to time. Upon reading my initial posting on Sunday's Graces, he began to hassle me because he not only didn't make it onto the top of the list, but he didn't even make it in the first ten. He was not till number 11. My oldest son joined in on the fun. It has been a few weeks, and the poking fun still goes on. Does it matter that numbers 1 thru 10 built up to the all important number 11? No.
So,in honor of our 28th anniversary,
this week's Sunday's Graces
 (a continual numbering of things I am thankful for to remind me of God's graces in my life)
will be 10 just for my number 1!

thirty-five. my number 1 puts up with me. considering I'm a tad difficult, that's a big one.

thirty-six. he values my being at home, and works hard to make it so.

thirty-seven. he has shared a love for music with all in our home.

thirty-eight. he is a man with great integrity. ask any who know him. he is a good man.

thirty-nine. he knows how to calm me when I'm overwhelmed. a good thing.

fourty. he is logical man. which is a really, really good thing, cause I'm not always so logical.

fourty-one. he is theologically and worldviewishly sound and kind.

fourty-two. he puts up with my made up words and incorrect punctuation.

fourty-three. he knows everything. no. really. he does. he knows all the random and not so random facts and can explain anything. I don't really understand how he does it. but he does. and since I don't remember random and not so random facts, this is another good thing. before "google it" there was "ask dad".

fourty-four. family is his priority. when we got married, our main goal was to raise a healthy family and grow old together. 28 years later, that is still our goal. and our delight. whatever comes our way, we make our decisions based on whether or not it will contribute to the growth of our family. the getting old part pretty much happens on it's own, but we continue to choose to do it together. we also try to do it with grace which means I ought not really complain about my saggy neck or white hair (it's way past grey). 

Ok. So he doesn't really buy me flowers or huge diamonds.
Instead he gives me and our children his all.
That is love...28 years strong.

So, Number One, how's that? Am I forgiven? Will all teasing come to an end? Somehow, I think not.

Here are a few pictures from our anniversary weekend:

And here's what happens when my boys help take the pictures:

fourty-five. wild poppies clinging to the cliff's edge on a breezy summer afternoon.
fourty-six. three more left at home.
fourty-seven. knowing that my children afar are in His hands.
fourty-eight. the ocean at the end of our street. the wide open space reminds me of  the peace i found in our family's vineyard growing up.
fourty-nine. the daily grace God supplies to overcome our weaknesses.


  1. In the second to last picture, are trying to dodge a kiss from your number 1? Ha!
    I love your Sunday Graces posts!

  2. i loved this post! you ARE blessed!

  3. melissa Squatrito5.8.10

    You made my cry. What a wonderful blessing to have a man that works hard so you can stay at home. I have that as well and I'm truly thankful.


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