Banners for babies:

And banners for weddings:

Adorable wedding photo by Raya Photography

which I like well enough.
Then I started adding random scraps to them
like vintage seam tape, lace, ric-rac and dingle-balls.
Is that my own invented word?
Or am I just a country bumkin that continues to make up my own vocabulary?
My children choke and laugh whenever I say it,
then I am reminded that it's not a real word at all,
for I say it so confidently
like it exists.
I googled it and it doesn't.
What else is one to call them?
They are dingle-balls.
I have a whole pile of them.

The dingle-ball giver used them 'back in the day'
to make her pants longer
for she is tall.
I picture her tall and slim
wearing moccasins and jeans
with blond hair in long braided pigtails
tied with leather barrettes.
Well, enough of my dingle-ball bunny trail! I put these banners in my Etsy shop so they could be special ordered for any occasion. Or you can pull out some scraps and make your own! This makes a great personalized gift, and can be a good project for young sewers. Uhh hemm. Christmas is coming.... And if you have any creative ideas for using up an enormously large roll of brown and creme dingle-balls please do let me know!


  1. melissa Squatrito30.8.10

    My mom used to say that all the time. And, yes, we made fun of her so often, she doesn't say it anymore.

  2. Love the banners. Love the dingle ball rabbit trail. :) This reminds me, I have been making prayer flags which we sell at the down town farmer's market. You should swing by some time. They are pretty cool. Don't be too amazed by my craftiness, I just did the sewing while others picked out the design and fabrics...


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