Sewing with Kids - Caleb's Quilt

Day 6
The summer fog has rolled in.
A good day for sewing.

Today we joined the 3 block strips to 4 solid strips.

Since there was alot of fabric, I helped lift the bulk of it so it didn't cause his sewing to get wonky.

Next, sew on the top and bottom strips, trying to match the corners the best you can.

We are taking a while to complete this quilt, simply because I want it to remain a joy for him to do. We don't do too much in one sitting, and if I suspect burnout or frustration, we take a break. Some days, I just leave it all out on the kitchen table so we can sew as we please, taking breaks for leggos, lunch and outdoor fun. Caleb is now begging to start the quilting, so we will soon be off to the store to buy batting and a solid for the backing.


  1. Looks great!! You'll never guess what. I am sewing/building backpacks... Who knew?!

  2. Caleb, it looks GREAT!!!

    Your mom is so cool. : )

  3. Go Caleb! Looks wonderful!


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