We did the three R's
And a whole lot more
all school year long.
Now it's time for a different kind of learning!

Hence the grand list of things I want to do this summer:

I hope to make lots of messes
with the help of my boys, of course.
They are quite the project partners!

Here is a new book I can't wait to explore.
I am definately planning on my oldest son's help with this one.
I have to admit printing intimidates me.
But he loves it.
And I want to buy the cheaper fabric, and liven it up.
Or even paint a wall
Instead of buying beautiful wallpaper.

I want to paint my kitchen cupboards yellow.
Well. I want my son, really, to paint the cupboards yellow.
He likes the idea, too.

I want to read some good books aloud to the boys.
Not ones we should read.
Books we want to read.


I want to read this one while watching my surfers at the beach:


Two books with thoughts for pondering.
Yes. I can sit and ponder, now, at the pool and beach.
No chasing kiddos.
I never thought that day would come.
So. I will read.
And I will jump in between thought-ponderings, too.

And help Caleb get started on one, too.
Here are his fabric choices:

I will show the process on these 2 quilts.
(Very soon, I promise) 
Maybe you and your kiddos can make one this summer, too.

I want to take photo walks.
And share the love for capturing beauty with the boys.
Make myself learn more about the camera.
Instead of using auto.

I want to go camping.
Even if it's just once.
Even if it's just up the street so my working children can join us when they can.
It's still camping.
There will still be somores
smokey clothes
and dirt.
And, does anybody know why food always tastes better when camping?

I want to get an etsy shop up and running.

I want to begin exploring San Francisco
Since my eldest is moving there for a season with her Love.

That's all.

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  1. Somehow I missed this post before. ?
    Soup! And the Screwtape Letters. Nice. I like those books. The printing looks so cool, too!


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