A Smitten Kitchen Day

Chocolate doughnuts to die for...well, not really. But they are amazing.

I just had to do it. My tastebuds have been enticed long enough by the lovely Smitten Kitchen blog, and I could bear it no longer. I determined as I went to bed last night that I was absolutely, defininately, with out a doubt going to have a Smitten Kitchen Day with my boys! We have been busy at summer-goodness activities like surfing, swimming, and enjoying the sunshine and friends...until that last posting did me in. Chocolate doughnuts! What could be more fun to make in the kitchen than that for two food loving kitchen helpers? And let me tell you, they are sooo worth making! And easy. They were incredibly rich and chocolatey. I don't even like basic chocolate cake and I will never choose a chocolate doughnut over the old fashioned glazed delection behind the counter, yet I loved these doughnuts. They had a rather rich taste and texture, almost like deep-fried brownies. I lacked powdered sugar for the typical doughnut glaze in the recipe, so Simmers rolled them in cinnamon and sugar instead, giving them a bit of a mexican chocolate flavor.

If you have not checked out Smitten Kitchen, you really have been missing a good thing. First of all, Deb is a great writer. Not only does she inspire to write more creatively, but she is simply a delight to read. Secondly, she finds great recipes, and rewrites them making them easy to follow which pretty much means she makes all the mistakes so we don't have to. And when questions do arise from her readers, she answers them with clarity. Finally, she has a pretty cute baby. I do love it when bloggers are real people with husbands, babies, and even messy sinks in the middle of it all. Cuz, afterall, thats how real life is.

So proclaim your own Smitten Kitchen Day! Grab the kiddos. Mix and roll out some dough. Poke holes in them with pudgy fingers. Send them out of the kitchen for the deep frying part, then call them all back for the rolling in cinnamon & sugar and the devouring. Like Smitten's Deb says, it might just be that nobody will ever know if these doughnuts taste good the second day.

My husband works from home, so on this Smitten Kitchen Day he was surprised by fresh doughnuts and coffee. Unfortunately, he was later surprised by the fact that I had no idea what to do for dinner. Ha!


  1. I love smitten kitchen too! Whenever I make a new recipe, my husband asks if it's from the blog :)

  2. I came across your blog from the Smitten Kitchen doughnut post - hope you don't mind if I follow! I think we share a lot of common interests :) - kate

  3. SO fun to run into you today! I love reading your blog even though I don't go on all the creative cooking and sewing ventures... I love to hear about them and live vicariously through you. :)


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