Modern Quilt

Here is the whole process showing how this Modern Quilt was made for my son's 18th birthday.



To create this modern quilt I started with small amounts of 4 different prints. Then I found Kona solid fabrics that matched, a light grey and black. I decided on the darker grey to become the main fabric for the sashing - the fabric between the main squares.

Without prewashing the fabrics, I began to cut strips to make blocks. To build each square, as I sewed together 2 strips of fabric on my machine, I then ironed it and squared the edges with my ruler, mat and cutter before connecting the next piece. It is alot of up and down from the machine to the ironing board, then the cutting mat, but it really didn't take too long.

There are 4 blocks with light grey as the background, and 6 more with black as the background. I made the 4 squares with the light grey background first, then tried to make the next 6 squares with the black background in varying shapes.

I just laid them out as you see here. No measuring, really. I just made a guess at each piece, arranging them quite at a whim.

I then added the darker grey sashing forming them into the bigger shapes you see below. I essentially ended up with one long rectangle (farthest left strip), 2 smaller rectangles (top middle and top right strips) and one other rectangle (bottom right strip).

I tried to place the black & grey squares in different places in an effort to create negative space. I didn't want everything centered.

Notice that all this is laid on top of a previous quilt I had made that was the size I was aiming for. You probably also found that I am not the most precise person. No measuring or planning ahead for me on this project.

I then sewed all the strips together to complete the front piece of my modern quilt!

Next, I used remaining scraps to make a long strip the width of the quilt. I sewed solid pieces of the same dark grey as used for the sashing to this strip to make the back of the quilt, then basted the quilt sandwich with safety pins on my kitchen floor - while watching a good movie with the family, of course.

Next came the free-motion quilting. I used a basic stippling design.

Next, the binding.
I had a hard time deciding on the binding. I usually prefer to use remaining scraps, but I felt this quilt was so random that it almost needed one solid binding to frame it. What do you think?

I do hope this tutorial helps you get out the fabric and start cutting & sewing
your own modern quilt without a pattern!
And please please please show me what you create as a result!

One thing you have to know about me is that I do all my projects around the house in the midst of my family. No special room. Just the kitchen table, the bed, and the kitchen floor. (Don't let a small home discourage you from being creative!) Since we have a pretty small house, that keeps me in the middle of all the family action. And it inspires my kids to do their own projects, too. Since we are a homeschool family, that means that sometimes I drill my elementary kids on their Latin or spelling between stitches. It also can mean that we all will ditch the academics to pull out the paint or fabrics. Here is a picture of our Creative Kitchen Table today. This was a Nerf gun modification project taken from youtube.

Ok. So it wasn't a pretty project. But I love that they do such things!


  1. Thanks for all the insights and sharing your quilt. Striking!


  2. Love the modern look!


  3. I loved how you showed the "in process" photos.

  4. Wonderful quilt! I loved being able to watch the process. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. lovely quilt, thanks for sharing. and aren't you very clever to do all this in the midst of your family, I would go mad trying to teach while sewing. in fact sewing is my time alone, far from the maddening crowd :-)

  6. that is gorgeous! and i agree about the binding. : )

  7. I like the quilt. Your post is great you told how you did the quilt. I too have a small house and it has become a quilt house. I have my quilting things in the living room.But there are no kids here anymore. Good for you for homeschooling and teaching your kids Latin!

  8. This one I really like! So nice!

  9. This is a Beautiful Quilt
    Great Instructions too!

  10. That's a great free form quilt. I was happy to read all about how your process in the tutorial of photos that you included. I'm sure your son will treasure his quilt.

  11. very nice quilt thanks for sharing

  12. The first word that came to my mind when I saw your quilt is sophisticated. What a creation!

  13. I love seeing your creative places in your house! Beautiful quilt!!

  14. Very inspiration story. The quilt looks awesome! Loving the grays and the free form pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I just commented on your flickr pics... but let me just add, I loved reading about how you put it all together without planning. I'm struggling at that a bit - I don't like to plan but I also don't want my quilt to look like I didn't plan it! Yours is great!

  16. I like the quilt; you chose and awesome binding fabric...it makes me smile to just see it.

    View my entry HERE.

  17. Fantastic quilt! I love this modern fresh look. Just beautiful and very inspiring.

  18. I work in the midst of everything too!! Love your modern quilt!

  19. You are amazing. Seriously, that's pretty cool. I think it fits your son well. You obviously took him into consideration with the whole thing.

  20. I love, love, love this quilt. Thanks for taking us through your design process. Great layout, great colors.

  21. wonderful quilt. thanks for all your information if we want to try the same idea!!

  22. Fantastic modern quilt. I live in a small home too and I definitely don't let that stop me from creating. My stuff lurks everywhere.

  23. This quilt is just wonderfull o.o
    I love the colours.
    And I'm also you new follower.
    Best regards


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