My Worldviews Class came to a close today.
Here is a smattering of pictures from our year-end celebration:

Presentations were given about people who were influential in the development of ideas leading to the formation of the Constitution:

One of the best quotes today was from John Locke.
He lived in England during the 1600's and is not a character from Lost.
It goes as follows:
"What worries you, masters you."
Ok. It is short.
But I thought it to be profound.
Is it true?
I need to think about it a while...

We roasted hot dogs & somores.
And a few of us jumped in the ocean.

Then we took turns with cameras...

We read a crazy list of books. I am really quite proud of these teens for sticking with it. We read Know What You Believe; How to Read Slowly; The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe; The Horse and His Boy; Frankenstein; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; The Deadliest Monster; Know Why You Believe; Mere Christianity; Assumptions that Affect Our Lives; and, finally, Never Before in History. That is a long list for me. I don't consider myself a smart person. I am just a simple mom that likes to walk along side people and help them grow. That keeps me growing, too. They are begging me to continue it next year. I told them I would think about it and let them know in a month, cuz right now, my brain feels a little like this pair of shoes...


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  1. This sounds like an awesome class and it looks like the kids feel right at home with you!! I still want to read Mere Christianity myself!! I am so impressed that teenagers are reading it. Wow. I hope you have a peaceful rest of the week recovering and letting your brain rest!


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