Sewing 101

Here are a few of my son's friends learning to sew.
Their first time to use a sewing machine.

They were surprised it was so much fun, and successful!
I think more sewing projects are ahead!

Siah was our comic relief.

I love being a mom. I am thankful to the Lord and my hardworking husband that I am able to be an at-home mom. I get to be here whenever they are home or want to have their friends over. Granted, being a mom is alot of work. I wear lots of hats, like teacher, character builder, chef, laundry master, listener, house cleaner, creativity inspirer, gardener, nurse, storyteller, career guide, cheerleader, bus driver and of course finder of lost things that amazingly no one else can find...the list goes on. But, I love it. In the days when alot of moms no longer stay home, I hope I give the picture that it is a fulfilling, creative, and beautiful thing to do if you are able. 

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