Boat Quilt - Sandwich

Here is the boat quilt all taped down to the kitchen floor and basted with safety pins.
Now it is ready for free motion quilting.

....but wait.
I'm stuck.
This week my dear dad and stepmother bought me a new Janome 1600. I didn't even ask for it, but when they heard about my renewed intrest in quilting, they insisted. I was pretty content with my old Kenmore and still can't really believe I have a new machine. The Janome is mostly for quilting so I will not part with my old friend. But, figuring out how it works is abit more tricky than I anticipated. I now have to wait a few days till I can get a lesson since the manual doesn't show much. Snap. And I cleared my afternoon just so I could get quilting. Hmm. What project can I do before I need to get back to the dishes, laundry and homeschool?

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