I Am a Homeschooler

I am a homeschooler. 
It is my passion.
Before my sewing, cooking, bread baking and crafting,
I am a homeschooler.
My world of all things crafty
flows out of my love for homeschooling,
and making my children's experience both educational and art-filled.

I believe creativity naturally flows out of a disciplined, orderly life.
Now, I don't mean orderly as in the house all tidy and clean every minute of every day,
for this house is not.
I mean orderly in the sense of having a serious educational plan
that challenges and inspires us,
is fit to each individual,
provides a biblical worldview,
and makes life-long learning-loving people out of us.

I am still in the process of actively homeschooling my 2 youngest.
I love my days with them.
Some of the greatest moments in my life have been while teaching my children.
I will tell you just one.

My youngest had what I called situational dyslexia.
There is no such thing.
He doesn't have dyslexia at all.
But when he was a little guy he got everything mixed up.
And I mean everything.
White was black.
Up was down. 
Big was small.
Yesterday was tomorrow.
More was less.
Forwards was backwards.
I could go on.

When he was around 5 years old,
my oldest, sweet Hannah, and I were sitting on my bed trying to teach him some early math.
Yep. Homeschooling is a whole-family affair around here.
Now, try teaching someone to add 
that can't comprehend more and less!
We tried and tried.
We used every possible way we could think to get it across
to my boy,
her adorable brother.

Throwing up our arms,
which had already been flying in hopes of some gesture that would bring light
to the mystery of teaching such things 
to such a boy,
we fell backwards on the bed
laughing hysterically at the impossibility
and the pure cuteness of our predicament.
He was laughing, too.
He still laughs at his story,
for it is often told.

We put math aside for another day,
  when this boy was ready.
He wasn't labeled as a slow learner that day,
or put in a special class.
He was ... enjoyed.
He gave us memories that day.
Memories that will always be with us.
Memories rather than fear and frustration because
I am a homeschooler.


On a typical homeschool day,
here is what my ever so lovely centerpiece
of freshly picked lemons can become:

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  1. That is the beauty of homeschooling. I love that you have embraced it to passionately. I thought I might be a homeschooler. Maybe I will be one day.


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