Some Favorites and Some Hopefuls

The first of the year has become the distant past
and the traditional season of 
happy new-year-making resolutions
and grandiouse-goal setting
has  ceased.

We like setting goals.
We like setting our eyes on the high and exciting
and dreaming,
of a better ... everything,
for this is how the great rise to their potential,
Usually, yes.

Well, a rather good Lead Man 
and his wifey wife - that's me
were going to set aside some timedy time 
for grand list making of our own
in hopes of making it a grand year, indeed. 

Alas, we have given up. 
Now, a bad thing it is not, I think. 
This couple of 28 goal-setting seasons
resigned to 'going with the flow' this year, 
which in all honesty of honesties, 
is what really happens each and every year in spite of our nicely enumerated high-hopes. 

This man and his wife remember the life dreamed of
sitting on a grassy hill.
Teenagers in love.
Hand in hand.
There we knew the names of our first 2 children,
and knew we would spend our lives as one.
We knew an adventure lied ahead.
An adventure 
from beginning to end
lead by our God.

Our goals set on that grassy hill
though simple, occasionally have been lost sight of,
due to things that matter not
to this wife and her man.
However urgent thingy things appeared for a while,
urgent they were not,
for insignificant they were.
Back to the simple,
or for us, the foundational,
again we return.

On that grassy hill...
we decide to grow old together.
To be the grandparents 
who tell stories of God's faithfulness,
of the wonders of God's grace in their lives.
We choose to make it to the end

On that grassy hill...
we decide our family is our center.
Our primary purpose.
It is.
It will always be.
Only thingy things that 
are for the good of our family
will be paths we take.
Is it a distraction?
Or will it encourage our children?
To love?
To grow in their gifts and build character?
Will it show them more of who their God is?
If not, we say "fare thee well",
great pathy path of things not for us.

On that grassy hill...
I decide to be an encouraging wife.
College for me a goal was not.
A good friend and support 
to my Lead Man in his endeavors
this is what I want to be.
This rather imperfect wifey wife
thinks a college degree would have been a simpler feat,
but moment by moment 
an encouraging wife I still aim to be.

On that grassy hill...
he chose to provide
so I could be a home school mom.
A good provider he has always been
though some of our days have been lean,
this man puts his head down in determination,
and patiently presses forward out of love.

So for all these things I choose to pray.
That God's blessing would be
on this simple family
and our days
in the year ahead
as we pursue His purposes.

So what about 2010? 
Some of my favorite things past:

Favorite quilt - Levi's.
Favorite quilt, ever. 
For many reasons. 
God answered prayer. My friend is well.

Favorite scary thing conquered:

Driving to SF and taking the transit to Hannah's work.  I have become very thankful for smart phones when I am not.

A favorite realization:

I've learned that I really don't enjoy making things with the purpose to sell, but truly enjoy making things for those I love. I'm comfortable with not having a cottage business. My goal for this blog is to just put myself out there in hopes that from time to time it might encourage others in some meaningful way. I'm thankful for a husband who makes my comfy sweet life possible.

A favorite event:

Nerf gun war with the whole family Christmas evening.

A few favorite additions:

A real camera, a real sewing machine, and a tent trailer. When one doesn't have babies any more these become considered as 'additions'.

A favorite read-aloud:

Heidi. I read it to my oldest two quite a while back, and now to my youngest two. Being boys, they thought they could not possibly enjoy a book with a girl's name as the title. Within a few paragraphs, their mind's were changed. We loved every page of it. Even the parts where mom teared up. Last time through, I remember handing Hannah the book to let her continue the reading when I would get weepy. This time I just kept reading, weepy or not. Sometimes they snickered at me. Sometimes they smiled at me. Somewhere near the end of the book, they said they would always fondly remember mom tearing up during story-time. 

Hopefuls for 2011:

I'm not sure if this qualifies for a hopeful, but my neighbors and sons are threatening to teach me to surf. Eee gads. I find I'm just sitting on the beach a lot with no babies to chase anymore, which basically boils down to...no more excuses.

Grow in artisan bread baking skills - My oldest son just gave me Tartine's book.

Amazing. I'm determined. My youngest son is joining me in my journey. We read the book together and are awaiting the purchase of a food scale so we can begin. My middlest son thinks it's pretty cool that the author loves to surf and has persued his passion for bread. All this leads to another hopeful:

Walk to Tartine with my Dear One to buy a loaf of bread fresh from their ovens in the city.

Improve camera skills, if only slightly - It's pretty far down the priority list, after family, fun, teaching, trips to SF, being involved in the lives of those around me. But, my camera and I pretty much do all these together, so it would be a great advantage to spend time reading up on the how-to's. And maybe even a little Photoshop or Lightroom. Here is a group of pictures that I captured while doing some second shooting at a wedding with my friend Julie.

Being a professional photographer, she touched up my pictures making them look amazing. This  shows me there is soooo much I can learn about such things. I don't make a good wedding photographer, either. I prefer capturing the unusual or personal, rather than wedding party people.

A practical hopeful, be more affectionate. I didn't grow up around touchy people so it doesn't come naturally. But I'm so far from those growing up days, that there are really no more good excuses for that one either. Time to show a bit more of what's inside.

See how many miles we can bike with the kids in a year. What I am really really really hoping for, is to try some new trails. Lead Man and I are such creatures of habit. So far...about 6 miles, one iced tea, a latte, and 2 frappes.

Take the privilege of praying for my husband and kids more seriously. I've been focusing on this a bit more lately,  and plan to continue throughout the year.

My hopefuls are pretty simple and coincide with our original on-the-grassy-hill goals. I'm pretty happy with my uncomplicated life. If any big stuff needs to change, I'm sure we'll figure that out along the way. Life has a way of leading forward.

I would love to hear some of your favorites and hopefuls, too! We are all different, with unique gifts, personalities and purposes. May your families and lives be blessed this year as you walk in your own adventure ahead.


  1. Tina. This post made me cry. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. You are a beautiful writer, Tina (not to mention a talented photographer, sewer, baker, etc.) I so wish I could spend more time with you, learning your ways, oh wise one. :)

    I read an abridged version of Heidi to Katie recently and cried too (she laughed at me too). We also watched the 1968 film Heidi a few weekends ago. I really liked it.


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