A Lurking and a Party

Dearest friends
your forgiveness I beg
for although sharing with you has been on my mind
it has been prevented
by the enormous obstacle sitting quietly on my sunny window seat.
It really might as well be
a wide eyed monster
with glaring teeth
ready to jump at me when I come close,
for so I have been avoiding it
these many days.
Great events have come and gone
and projects have transpired
that I have not shared,
for with the scary creature always lurking
all pictures have remained
trapped on my friendly camera.
What is this monster, you ask?
It's this new fangled
someday-I-will-be-happy-with-it Mac.
Alas this evening I stole away my busy husband
who gave it to me in the first place,
thinking it will be helpful in the long run.
I happen to think the run really is going to be longgggg, indeed.
Simply a few minutes of desperately needed assistance
and the monster has been reduced to merely an annoyance.
Although I'm sure the lurking creature will lurk again,
I have, at last,
both a project and an event to share
with you,
my patient friends:

We had a party!

 A pillow case party!

And as you can see
by all the smiles
and silliness
that memories 
along with these cozy pillow cases were made
at our great
pillow case making party.


This is another perfect project to make with kids or if you are a beginner. It comes together in a snap, has all straight lines, and would make a lovely Christmas gift for anyone.  Check out this video tutorial, then gather the kiddos  or a few of your own friends to have some fun! Here is another pillowcase I recently made.

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  1. Did the Mac Monster eat the Preschool Thanksgiving post that my reader told me about?


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