Sunday's Graces

sixteen. friends who care. they ask how you really are and then listen.

seventeen. drive-by-to-pick-up-something-I-forgot visits
that turn into half-hour-good-converstion visits.

eighteen. stories.
the stories we tell.
the stories we read.
the stories we imagine.
the awe inspiring stories old people tell.
the silly stories our kiddos share.
the stories we write with our lives.
the stories that inspire us to become better parents, wives, friends.
the stories that encourage to continue on.
the stories that challenge us to climb our mountain.
the story God writes in and through each of us.

nineteen. musical talent found in all members of my family...except me.
no. really.
i am thankful for all the melodies they bring into my home.
most of the time.

twenty. howl at the moon and Bryan

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