Alameda Flea Market - Photo Walk

So... you remember my Photo Walk commitment I made at the beginning of the year?
I said I was going to take a photo walk every week.

I am on week 14. I am pretty sure a whole lot more than 14 weeks have gone by since January one. Excuses? Lamo camera until recently, lots of trips to the beach and I seriously can only take so many pictures of my boys in wetsuits, a plethora of sewing projects (I will post about that soon) and lots of homeschool goodness. But really, I think the biggest reason I have fallen behind on my walks, is I just need to get out more. To different places, that is. I am out plenty. I just frequent the same spots. A creature of habit, I suppose. When I go to Palomar for lunch, I always get the chicken taquitos. When I go to The Whole Enchilada, I always get the chili relleno stuffed with artichoke hearts - yum. And a margarita. When we go for a walk, it's always the same path through the neighborhood then back by the beach. Yep. My husband is my soul mate in creature of habit-ness! Bike rides and going for a run...predictable. Somehow cleaning house and getting dinner made have escaped this list of predictibilities, though. Snap.

Well, it's summer.
Time for a personal challenge, don't you think?
Time to occasionally take a different path (I hear that is good for the brain).
Do some exploring.
And maybe even change the cleaning & dinner habit (That is definately a good thing)...

Today was a first. I finally did something I have wanted to do for a long time. I went to the Alameda Flea Market! with my dear friend. If you ever make it to the Alameda Flea, doing it with a friend is a must. A friend with a U-haul and lots of money would be even better. To make up for all the weeks without Photo Walks, here is a substantial amount of pictures.

Some interesting:

 Some unusual:

 And, as my kids said when I showed them the pictures, some were " creepy":


A french guy made these amazing crepes.
Sweet crepes with strawberries and nutella
Savory buckwheat crepes with brie, pesto, and tomatoes.
I think the crepes alone were worth the trip.

My friend, Annie, and I had a great time. And we were back with our families by lunchtime.
We weren't hungry :)

I will show you my newfound treasures soon.


  1. Oh wow, I have to agree with your kids, some of those ARE really creepy! But, the other ones are very nice and make me want to go to a flea market. And have crepes. Oh that sounds so good... I'll have to get Nick on that right away!

  2. Amazing photos!!!!

  3. so jealous you went. but glad that you did, too.

  4. I like the photo of the pocket watches. :)

  5. Can't wait to see your treasures. And your photos are great!

  6. Great pics, Tina! Did you get a new camera? I was so mad at the S3 today when it wouldn't focus on what I wanted it to.

  7. Wow! I love the photos and the treasures you shared. I love the pocket watches too. So cool!


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