Photo Walk - Week 13

Well. Not really. Instead of a photo walk, here are a few pictures from my birthday weekend. We did walk. A little. And, besides, my favorite thing to take pictures of is people. Especially my people.

After church, we went to lunch at my favorite place. The Whole Enchilada in Moss Landing. We took about 10 of this family shot. Not a single one was serious. Between my boys and my husband behind the camera, this was the best we could do.

I caught my son doing his martial arts hand moves.

And a birthday well-wisher absorbed in drawing. He called earlier to sing the happy birthday song to me on the phone. When he was done singing he asked his mom if since he sang the song could he come over and eat it - the birthday cake, of course. Yep. We invited him over for cake. Well...creme brulee.

I had a great weekend. Now it's back to homeschool and projects.
I like my simple little life.

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  1. annie27.4.10

    you are a loved woman!! Can't wait to celebrate some more. hey - who's that cute little artist?


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