Photo Walk Week 14 - A Wedding

This is how I typically capture events in my life. I don't. I am usually too busy helping my friends that the camera stays in the bag. I seriously only took 5 pictures at an amazing event that had some of the most beautiful scenery and people to photograph. The reception was even at a barn. I love barns. I would love to live in a barn. I took no pictures of the barn. Snap. Well...here are a 3 of the pictures I did take.

The lovely flower-girl

My husband setting up the wine and beer table

And my boys, carving wood while waiting.

Here are a few pictures that my boys took with my camera:

Congratulations, Acacia and Garrett, whom I didn't photograph. You were lovely.

Now, I have to wait for the amazing Raya and Levi, the real photographers, to reveal their work. I can't wait!

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