Questions - Spring

What am I watching lately?
Lost. Who isn't? I was asked today why my younger boys can't watch it. I had to think for a minute. Then I remembered that 6 years ago, when it all began, they were way too young for all the wierd and intense images. So, since they are older, does it mean we will watch the whole thing over again? I'm afraid so. Which could be a good thing due to my not getting it the first time around, and my husband slept through about half of each episode. Maybe he will sleep through the other half this time.

What projects have I completed recently?
Alot of men's ties for a wedding - I will show them after the wedding; a few felt bunnies and a squirrel; My shirt that I designed myself - I even entered it in a contest:: a quilt that I designed especially for a homeschool sewing class I am going to teach; I repurposed an old wool sweater into a kids hat; made a sock animal for Caleb- he waited patiently for his turn to get one. It has a bit of a bobble head.

Which projects are awaiting my attention?
My vintage quilt needs hand quilting; Jessiah just asked me how his quilt is going...need to get moving on that one; I need to come up with a few more sewing projects for my kids sewing class. I want to design all projects without a pattern; A garden - I really, really, really want to figure out how to do it with all this fog. Really.

What is my favorite food these days?
M&M's. Jessiah brought home some for me. And good hot coco.

What am I looking forward to?
I am going to be a part of a boutique with some dear ladies (I will tell you more about that soon). I am looking forward to bike rides with my family: running with my son, Caleb, in the Wharf to Wharf; beach time; more beach time; a visit from my favorite aunt - now that I think of it, she's my only aunt, but she would still be my favorite; I get to see Faith and her sweetie who I have not seen since their wedding; I am also looking forward to my son, Jessiah and my husband going on a trip to D.C. - even though they won't be taking the rest of us along, I am still quite excited about it for them. It will be a great time for the two of them to share together. Father and grown up Son! We don't travel much (that is an understatement), so this is a big deal for us!

What am I listening to while sewing?
The Avett Brothers. My favorite these days. I think I like them because they sing about family. And I understand the words. Some artists are so poetic I can not figure out what exactly they are singing about. And Josh Fox. Caleb is frequently singing Josh's songs as he is about his day. He is pretty determined to figure them out on the guitar, too. Last night, I sat in the corner of our couch handstitching a project while Caleb played guitar, Simeon played bass, and James helped them along on the piano. A perfect evening. Perfect sewing music.

What am I reading?
My Bible - the psalms. Worldview books for a class I teach to a bunch of great teens. Sewing blogs.

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  1. What a blessed life Tina! Have you tried the coconut m&m's? If you like coconut, they are great!


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