Projects Kids Can Sew

I learned to sew long ago. I can still remember my first project. I was with my best childhood friend, and we spent the day making little critters. Mine was a tiny stuffed dog. A very loved doggie. It was made of blue and white fabric trimmed in embroidered stitches. I kept that dog for years. And it always brought back fond memories of that special day and my friend of long ago. I remember making a bag out of wash rags in a Brownies club, too. But finally my mom taught me to use patterns and make clothes. Following patterns taught me alot of useful skills that have helped me to this day. But, as a kid, it was a hard and frustrating hobby! Sometimes the clothes I made looked absolutely terribly definately embarrasingly homemade! Patterns to inspire creativity and the joy of sewing just did not exist. Well, it wasn't soooo, long ago that we didn't have electricity, and I didn't have to walk 10 miles to school in the snow or anything, but I could have benefited from thoughtfully designed projects kids can sew. I still have a few kiddos at home. And I plan on having ALOT of grandchildren (how's that for a not-so-subtle hint) so I will be mixing projects kids can sew into my creative endeavers.

Here is a first quilt designed especially with kids in mind. It is for a Projects Kids Can Sew class I am teaching next week. Even the quilting is done on a regular sewing machine with no special attatchments. It uses 4 fat quarters for the front, 1 fat quarter for the binding, and 1 yard of each the cotton batting and flannel backing. It is a cozy little blanket that would be lovely in any room. Oh. And it would be precious under a sleeping baby. Darn. I don't have any of those any more.

My fabrics are from Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner.
I love fabrics.

I plan on selling this at our boutique in June (still, more details later)!

And, speaking of Projects Kids Can Sew,
Here is a bunny friend I made with young folks in mind. A great first project!


  1. I wonder when Siena will be really into this sort of thing. We've done a few sewing things, but she's lost interest quickly. It's more about glue and glitter these days... But when the day comes and the interest is there I'll be asking you for ideas!

  2. I love your taste in fabric! So colourful. Do you have an etsy shop?


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